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  • 7StarBall: Premium Lottery

    7StarBall Online: A new and unique global lottery

    7StarBall is a brand new lottery provider who puts the emphasis on innovation. Founded and licensed in Curacao in 2016, the company has spent a year of preparation to make sure everything is perfect for the 2017 launch.


    7StarBall has everything you would expect from a lottery including a guaranteed prize pool and huge jackpots. Prize levels cover a wide spectrum and there are many cash rewards that can be won for a relatively small outlay. 7StarBall is available across the world and here’s what you can look forward to.



    Available games


    7StarBall draws are available on a weekly basis and there is a combination of two great games to enjoy. We offer a Pari-mutuel game and there are jackpot and guaranteed prize pools up for grabs too.


    Jackpot Draw


    Our big jackpot prize is a staggering 1 Billion Euros! That’s the stunning reward up for grabs if you match all 7 balls in this part of the draw. The world went crazy back in January 2016 when Powerball launched its $1.5 billion jackpot and now you can compete to win prizes of this magnitude on a regular basis with 7StarBall.


    You can play each week to aim for your dream of a 1 Billion Euro jackpot. This is paid as an annuity over 40 years and unlike certain state lotteries we do not rake back any of those profits so all of the winnings would be yours to keep!


    Guaranteed Prize Pool and Pari-Mutuel


    The second phase of our weekly draw is the Pari-Mutuel game where a percentage of each ticket purchase goes into the overall prize pool. Simply speaking, the more people play and the more tickets are sold, the bigger that prize pool and when the draw is made, we guarantee that one in every five players will win.


    A guaranteed prize fund is a big incentive for those households who spend, on average, around 3% of income on lotteries every week. That’s a considerable outlay so it’s good to have a lottery where the odds are weighted more in their favour.


    With a Pari-mutuel game, balls are continuously drawn until we have a winner who matches them in order. There are five balls in question so match all five (excluding the bonus ball) and you are a winner! It’s a race to the end and a real adrenaline rush to get over the line.



    Europe and Beyond


    Buying lottery tickets in the real world is relatively straightforward but we all lead busy lives and most of us have forgotten to make that purchase or have simply run out of time at some stage. Being online makes things so much easier and 7StarBall is bringing the experience into homes across Europe and beyond.


    If you’re in mainland Europe and can purchase tickets from 7StarBall then you’re living in countries that love their lotteries. We make it easy to buy tickets online and they are available across Europe and beyond. We’re revolutionising the lottery market with great prizes and more chances to win and all players have the opportunity to land the huge, life-changing jackpot.

    Why be a Millionaire when you could become a Billionaire?

    Guaranteed Winners at Every Game