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  • Terms & Conditions

    These General Terms & Conditions shall apply to all interactions with 7StarBall and must be read with all relevant promotional terms and conditions. Please read the entire legal binding agreement between 7StarBall N.V. under the brand name 7StarBall.com, Dodiciori Global Ltd. and yourself carefully. 7StarBall N.V. is a limited liability company incorporated at Dr MJ Hugenholtzweg z/n UTS Building, Curacao under the laws of Curaçao and is fully regulated by the laws of that country (the company). Dodiciori Global Ltd. is a limited liability company incorporated at ‘Il Piazzetta’ A, Suite 21, Tower Road, Sliema, Malta under the laws of Malta and is fully regulated by the laws of that country (the Partner). By using this site, you acknowledge that you have read, understood and agreed to be bound by the terms and conditions of this agreement. If you do not agree, you must stop using the site immediately.

    Please review all our website policies with regards to Terms and Conditions, Privacy Statement, Responsible Gaming, as well as the rules and promotions of the game. The construction, validity and performance of this agreement will be governed by Curaçao law. The English language version of this agreement will prevail over any other language version issued by us. The lotteries are restricted to individuals of legal age of majority as determined in the jurisdiction in which the individual resides. If you are not at least 18 years of age, you cannot play at 7StarBall.com under any circumstances. Proof of age may be requested at any time.

    Participation in the activities and games on 7StarBall.com is open only to residents of those jurisdictions where such involvement is legal and not prohibited. Participation in the game is void wherever prohibited by law. In placing real bets, the player acknowledges that he/she is legally permitted to do this within their jurisdiction territory or country.

    The availability of our games and services does not mean and cannot be interpreted as an offer or invitation to use the games and services if you reside in a jurisdiction in which law prohibits such use. It is the players’ sole responsibility to verify the legality of using our games and services before logging in.

    You warrant and represent that: you are not a resident of USA, Spain, France, Italy, Turkey, Israel or UK. You warrant and represent that: you are not classified as a compulsive gambler or an employee of 7StarBall, its proprietors and agencies and their families and friends are not eligible to enter any promotion offered by 7StarBall.

    The game is for entertainment purposes only. No purchase is necessary or required to play the game. You may play without betting money if you wish. Any participation in the game is your sole option, discretion and risk. By playing the game, you acknowledge that you do not find the games or the brand to be offensive, objectionable, unfair, or indecent. For the avoidance of any doubt, the company is the owner licensee of the copyright, trademarks and other intellectual property rights and/or the interactive system and all games offered on the website(s). Players and prospective players acquire no rights therein by using the services and/or our website(s). In addition, other content on the website(s), including, but not limited to, the software, images, pictures, graphics, photographs, animations, videos, music, audio and text or any of the site content belong to the company or one of its companies and/or its licensors and is protected by copyright and/or other intellectual property, or other rights. Under no circumstances may you use the site content without prior written consent.

    By accessing and consequently playing as a member of this website, you agree to abide by its rules and classifications. Thus by signing on and subsequently opening an account, playing the games, and contributing both in real money and fun games you are by definition agreeable to the terms not only in the process of your account but also in any reimbursement the site offers you, the player, by way of a prize be it cash or any other reward mechanism. Once you open an account for fun play or real money this account will serve as your identity for as long as you will be using our services. Only one account is allowed per person, per household. The use of the 7StarBall software implies acceptance of all these terms, that shall remain in force indefinitely. For the avoidance of doubt it is agreed that you are bound by this agreement if you use the software or the website in any way, including, but not limited to, initiating or making a deposit through your account or submitting your deposit details to us. When necessary, terms and conditions may be changed or altered. The player accepts this as part of the prerogative of the website to do so when and if needed. Though each change will be time and date-stamped, it is the responsibility of the player to check the terms at the time of deposit. This document takes effect at the initial registration, but we encourage all players to check again before depositing. You warrant and represent that all the details you have given in the process of registration to 7StarBall.com are accurate and you will continue to update the details if there are any changes. The debit/credit card details supplied by you in the registration process are those of the registered account holder, and the card has not been reported as lost or stolen.

    Refund Policy: Refunds will only be addressed if the questionable transaction, including the bonus, has not been played at 7StarBall.com. Refund must be requested within the first twenty-four (24) hours of the doubted transaction or within the thirty (30) day period that the Player Account has been compromised. To secure that any payment made to our company is honoured after the refund is established, we reserve the right to hold the refund request until we are satisfied with the Player Account full identification correspondence. Player agrees to provide, a notarised or certified identification in compliance with the applicable laws of the player’s jurisdiction. Any needed documents that won’t be submitted within five (5) days of our request will result in a refund denial, and termination of Player Account and funds remained therein. Such decision is final, mandatory and not subject to appeal.

    You are fully aware of the fact that there is a risk of losing money through the use of the software games. You are not depositing funds originating from criminal and/or unauthorised activities; you are not conducting any illegal operations and/or have any intentions to use the Player Account in connection with such activities. You are not using or intending to allow any other person to use the software and the Player Account for any prohibited or unlawful activity, including but not limited to, fraud or money laundering, under any applicable law in particular to your jurisdiction and the laws that apply to us. We reserve the right to cancel your account for any reason whatsoever at any time without notice. Any balance in your account at the time of such cancellation will be sent to you by check.
    We reserve the right, at our sole discretion, to void any winnings and confiscate any balance in your account for any of the following circumstances:

    – If you have more than one active account at 7StarBall.com.

    – If the name on your account does not match the name on the credit card(s) used to make purchases for your account.

    – If you participate in a promotion and withdraw before fulfilling the requirements of that promotion.

    – If you provide incorrect or misleading registration information.

    – If you are under the age of 18.

    – If you reside in a jurisdiction that prohibits your participation in the game by law.

    – If you have allowed or permitted (intentionally or unintentionally) someone else to play and or use your account.

    – If you have ‘charged back’ any of the purchases made with your credit card on your registered account.

    – If you are found cheating or if we determine that you have employed or made use of a system (including machines, computers, software or other automated systems) designed specifically to defeat the software.


    Know Your Customer(KYC) Policy:

    Account verification


    For security and license requirements 7StarBall N.V. may request KYC (Know Your Customer) documents at own discretion. The most common reason is the validation of details after a deposit and before large withdrawals (age verification, fraud prevention, promotion restrictions). Please send your valid copies from photos or print screens of personal documents to contact@7starball.com.

    The documents requested may include, but are not limited to:

    – A photo of a valid personal identification document (ID, driver’s license, or passport)

    – A photo of front and back of the signed valid credit card(s) used for depositing

    – A photo of a utility bill (gas, electric, water, telephone – must not be older than two months from date of issue) with name and address as registered in player’s account

    – A photo of a valid bank statement or screen-shot showing IBAN, BIC (SWIFT) and your name.


    Termination of Accounts


    If you want to close your account, please contact us. Any negative balance on your account will fall immediately due and payable to the company, and your account will not be closed until the relevant amount owed to the company is paid in full.

    The company reserves the right to close or suspend your account at any time and for any reason. Without limiting the preceding sentence, the company shall be entitled to close or suspend your account if:

    (a) you become bankrupt;

    (b) the company considers that you have used the website in a fraudulent manner or for illegal and/or unlawful or improper purposes;

    (c) the company considers that you have unfairly used the website, have deliberately cheated or taken unfair advantage of the company or any of its customers or if your account is being used for the benefit of a third party;

    (d) the company is requested to do so by the police, any regulatory authority or court;

    (e) the company considers that any of the events referred to in (a) to (c) above may have occurred or are likely to occur; or

    If the company closes or suspends your account for any of the reasons referred to in (a) to (e) above, you shall be liable for any and all claims, losses, liabilities, damages, costs and expenses incurred or suffered by the company (together “claims”) arising therefrom and shall indemnify and hold the company harmless on demand for such claims. In the circumstances referred to in (a) to (e) above, the company shall also be entitled to withhold and/or retain any and all amounts which would otherwise have been paid or payable to you (including any winnings or bonus payments).

    7StarBall reserves the right to pay out all winnings at a maximum rate of fifteen thousand euros (15.000) a month. Any winnings will be paid out at the same weekly rate until completion. Any amount to be withdrawn that is greater than the maximum specified will be transferred back into the player’s account. As for the jackpot winning of main 7StarBall Weekly Lottery, it will be paid out in an annuity of 40 years only. Withdrawals depend on all conditions outlined above and the verification of all required documents as requested. Before releasing any winnings to you, the company will conduct a security review and will need you to provide such identification or other information or documentation as the company, in its sole discretion, believe is necessary. If you fail to comply with any security request, the company reserves the right to void any winnings in your account. By accepting any prize and/or winnings, you consent to the use of your name, username and/or likeness for advertising and promotional purposes without additional compensation except where prohibited by law. If you have any dispute about any outcome in the game, you must submit your complaint to the company in writing within fourteen (14) days. If the complaint is received after this time, we will not address it. However, if there are extenuating circumstances; or a player is incapacitated or otherwise unavailable for comment, we will address these issues on a case by case basis but reserve the right to invoke the 14-day rule above.

    You and only you are responsible for any taxes on any prizes and/or winnings that you collect from the company. The company reserves the right, without notice to discontinue any activity or game at any time. If you do not log onto your games account for a period of 180 days, any balance in your account will be forfeited to the company.

    You are responsible for keeping your user and password secure and secret. No one but you is allowed to use it. Not any other person or third party including, without limitation, any minor, to use or reuse your account, access and/or use any materials or information from the website, accept any prize, or participate in the games. You are responsible for any purchases and/or losses that may occur on your account.

    The company is not liable for computer malfunctions or attempts by a player to participate in the game by methods, means or ways not intended by the company. 7StarBall is not responsible for the functionality of the internet. In the case of malfunction, this is the sole responsibility of the player and their system or system provider. If you are found to be cheating or attempting to defraud the game, the company reserves the right to publicise your actions together with your identity and e-mail address, as well as to circulate this information to other, banks, credit card companies, and appropriate agencies. If you make libellous statements concerning the company’s operation, the company reserves the right to block your account without notice and take any legal action necessary to safeguard the company’s reputation. You shall hold the company, its employees, officers, directors, licensees, distributors, wholesalers, affiliates, subsidiaries, advertising, promotion or other agencies, media partners, agents and retailers harmless and shall fully indemnify same from any and all costs, expenses, liabilities and damages whatsoever that may arise as a result of: (i) your entry, use, or reuse of the website, (ii) your use of any materials at the website, (iii) your entry, use, or reuse of the server, (iv) your participation in the game, or, (v) your acceptance of any prize.

    In the event of a discrepancy between the result showing on your games software and the games server software, the result shown on the games server software will be the official and governing result of the game.

    In the event of malfunction in the games and/or the games server software, all plays/bets and winnings resulting from the malfunction are voided.

    If any of the materials of the games are interfered with, mutilated, forged or damaged, they become void and unusable. Liability for materials of the game containing any error is limited to replacement of same. Your personal information collected by us is kept strictly confidential. We collect your personal information when you register to become a member of our site; voluntarily provide it when you use the site; we may use it when you communicate with us. If you register to become a customer of our services, we may use the personal information that you provide for billing purposes, and to administer and manage your account and provide promotional updates regarding such products or services as contemplated above.

    We may occasionally hire other companies to provide limited services on our behalf, including without limitation, identity verification, payment processing and the provision of software. We will only provide these companies with that information which is reasonably required to perform the service, and they will be prohibited from using that information for any other purpose. Generally, when any of our third-party contractors or partners collect and/or have access to your personal information, we require that they adhere to our stated privacy policies and protect the confidentiality of your personal information.

    The terms and conditions contained herein represent the complete, final and exclusive agreement between you and the company and supersede and merge all prior agreements, representations and understandings between you and the company.

    – Your decision to use the services is made at your own discretion and risk. We will not be responsible for any loss, including loss of winnings.

    – We reserve the right to amend and make any changes to this agreement and/or to games, games rules, Bonus terms and cash out policy. We encourage you to visit the terms to check for the updated version.

    – If you disagree with changes made to this agreement or any other bonus term or game rules you should immediately cease all activity in your account.

    – Before payment of any winnings, it must be validated according to this agreement and all terms and conditions set. We reserve the right to make the sole and final decision as to the winning status, and our decision will be final, binding and not subject to appeal. We reserve the right at our sole discretion to refuse to open an account to any individual.

    – This agreement shall be governed by, and interpreted by, the laws of Curaçao.


    Rules and Regulations


    The following Rules and Regulations constitute an agreement between 7StarBall and YOU. Please read them carefully!



    – A Drawing – The random selection of winning combinations for any particular game.

    – Charities – Beneficiaries of money remaining after prize payout and costs, as determined by the Charity Allocation Committee of 7StarBall.

    – Player – Anyone who has completed a full registration at 7StarBall.com.

    – Parties – 7StarBall and a player.

    – Prize – Money won by a player.

    – Prize Pool – Amount available for prizes.

    – Stake – The payment made for a draw or a game by a player.

    – Winnings Account – Account holding payments in respect of cash Prizes against which withdrawals may be made from your winning account anytime.

    – Deposit Account – Account holding deposits.

    – Prize Account – Account holding non-cash prizes, such as game tickets.

    – 7StarBall.com Account – A record of transactions incorporating the Funds Awaiting Clearance, Cleared Account and Winnings Account which is maintained for each player.

    – Winner – Player who wins a prize.

    – Distributor – A fully registered person or company on 7StarBall’s Affiliate Software Program AND a fully registered player at www.7StarBall.com.

    – Associate Distributor – A fully registered person or company on 7StarBall’s Affiliate Software program which has been registered by an approved Distributor.

    – Gross Collected Deposit – Cleared funds after the statuary chargeback period expires.

    – Winnings – Withdrawn funds from a player.

    – Approved Marketing Material – Material offered to the Distributor or Associate Distributor by 7StarBall.

    – Commission – Funds earned by Distributor and or Associate Distributor.

    – Fraud – ANY activity or attempt to defraud 7StarBall N.V., 7StarBall.com, and/ or any of its subsidiaries, Affiliates, Distributors, Associate Distributors and/or Players, Payment Processors, and or Financial Institutions.

    – Spam – Unsolicited e-mails of a commercial nature, sent indiscriminately to multiple mailing lists, individuals, or newsgroups, Junk Mail.

    – Free Play – Free Play is play that 7StarBall does not derive income from.

    – Site – All language, content, images on 7StarBall.com.


    Limits of Liability


    – Decisions made by 7StarBall will be final and binding in all matters.

    – International Lottery Laws vary and it is the responsibility of each player to ensure that they understand and comply fully with any laws or regulations relevant to themselves in their own country, particularly where tax and age restrictions apply. All players must be at least 18 years of age. In the event 7StarBall is found responsible for third party claims against players, the player will hold 7StarBall harmless against such claims.

    – Players are responsible for withdrawing or playing off any funds which are held in their Winnings Account. 7StarBall is neither responsible for nor liable for making players aware that they have outstanding Winnings to claim.

    – 7StarBall’s liability concerning any claims or loss will be limited to the stake paid by the player.

    – 7StarBall has the right to suspend or withdraw any Drawing at its absolute discretion.

    – Any entry for a Drawing that contains fewer than the required minimum number of numbers will be deemed invalid.

    – If more than one player matches the required winning numbers, the prize will be shared equally.

    – 7StarBall reserves the right to include any winning player’s photo and country of residence for promotional purposes.

    – 7StarBall is not liable for any loss of any nature arising from the cancellation of any Drawings, including the loss, for whatever reason, of the chance to participate in a Drawing.

    – In particular, but without prejudice to the generality of the preceding, 7StarBall is not liable to any person:

              – In the event of force of nature,

              – for the failure of or damage or destruction to 7StarBall’s central computer system or records, or any part thereof,

              – for delays, losses, errors or omissions resulting from the failure of any telecommunications or other data transmission systems,

              – for any delay resulting in non-receipt of any entry for a particular drawing.

    – 7StarBall is not liable for any loss as a result of outbreak of hostilities, riot, civil disturbance, acts of terrorism, the act of any government or authority (including refusal or revocation of any license or consent), fire, explosion, flood, theft, malicious damage, strike, lockout, fluctuation in interest rates, or industrial action of any kind.

    – The parties shall not commit or purport to commit the other to honour any obligation other than is expressly provided for by these Rules and Regulations.

    – 7StarBall does not accept liability for damages which may be caused by the interception or misuse of player’s credit card details on the Internet unless specifically stated to the contrary on 7StarBall.com web pages.

    – These Rules and Regulations constitute the entire agreement and understanding between the parties. If there is a discrepancy between the English language version of these rules and any other language version, then the English language version is correct.

    – Numbers chosen for these games are picked by a certified random number generator.

    – By playing any game operated by 7StarBall, the player is deemed to have accepted these Rules and Regulations and Terms and Conditions.




    1. If there is a dispute regarding an entry or eligibility for a prize or claim, the decision of 7StarBall will be final and binding.

    2. The relationship between the parties as well as this agreement is governed and construed by the laws of the Curaçao whose courts shall be the courts of jurisdiction.

    3. 7StarBall reserves the right to amend these Rules and Regulations from time to time and vary any of them without prior notice.


    Legal Position


    1. 7StarBall N.V. is a limited-liability corporation incorporated in Curaçao, and is registered and carries on business in Curaçao in full compliance with Curaçao law.

    2. 7StarBall N.V.is licensed and regulated by the Government of Curaçao. We operate under Curaçao’s leading Gaming Licensing & Hosting provider, Curaçao eGaming N.V., a regulated and proven enterprise.

    3. 7StarBall.com is owned and operated by 7StarBall N.V. All gaming and support issues are handled by 7StarBall N.V., Curaçao. 7StarBall N.V. is a limited-liability corporation registered in Curaçao, and we conduct business in full compliance with Curaçao law.

    4. 7StarBall credit card, e-wallet, and bank transactions are processed by third party electronic payment processors and/or financial institutions.


    Ineligible Parties


    1. People under the age of 18 years MAY NOT open a 7StarBall.com account, nor may they enter a Drawing or play any of the games. Players who win prizes will be required to prove that they were over the age of 18 years at the time that the account was created.

    2. 7StarBall is unable to accept entries through Curaçao servers.

    3. Employees, servants, agents and family of 7StarBall and all associated companies and representatives are not eligible to play 7StarBall.com games.

    4. The legal advisers of 7StarBall are of the opinion that, when playing 7StarBall.com through the Internet, players are travelling to Curaçao where the transaction takes place. Individuals should satisfy themselves as to their particular status before they enter.

    5. Internet gambling may not be lawful in the jurisdiction in which you are located. If so, you are not authorised to use your Visa (or any other Credit Card/e-wallet) to complete transactions on 7StarBall.com. You may wish to check applicable law.




    1. Contracts between 7StarBall and players are not completed until their entries are received in the 7StarBall offices in Curaçao, and the credit card transactions are authorised, or the required amount is deducted from the player’s 7StarBall.com Cleared Account or Winnings Account.

    2. 7StarBall will not pay the prize or prizes to which a player might otherwise be entitled if their credit card payment is dishonoured in any way and for whatever reason. 7StarBall further reserves the right to cancel all outstanding entries for such players and to prevent them from playing again.

    3. 7StarBall reserves the right to refuse entries.

    4. If there is a discrepancy between the numbers that a player believes they have entered or the graphics display of the game they have played and those in the database maintained by 7StarBall, the numbers in the database are considered valid. Responsibility for checking the details of any entry for a Drawing rests with the player at the time that the entry is made into the database in Curaçao.

    5. 7StarBall does not accept responsibility for any delay in receipt of an entry for a drawing.

    6. A minimum deposit of €25 and a maximum deposit of €1000 per day may be made using a single credit card or e-wallet account. Deposits will be placed in a deposit account. These funds are available only for play. Due to fraud protection, you may only withdraw funds from your winnings account.

    7. Entries may not be cancelled after they have been confirmed by 7StarBall.

    8. 7StarBall reserves the right to prevent entry into a specific game or to play specific numbers within a given game at any time.

    9. Any fees occurred by 7StarBall, N.V. its assigns or affiliates for a disputed Visa/ MasterCard or other chargeback’s for actual play will be the responsibility of the customer. The customer agrees to allow 7StarBall, N.V. or its assigns or affiliates to charge customers’ card for the full amount of any fees associated with said chargeback’s plus the disputed amount of the games played by the customer.

    10. Jackpots estimated value is based on the number of expected players on a global basis. The actual Jackpot will be set at the actual amount of funds played at the time of the drawing.

    11. Due to the nature of our gaming services, all sales are final, and there are no refunds or cancellations. For further information please contact@7StarBall.com for support.


    Prize Claims


    1. 7StarBall.com players are never required to submit any claims fee or cash sum to receive their winnings. If players are asked for any such fee, particularly if they are unaware of actually entering the game, it is likely they are being targeted by an ‘Advance Fee Fraud’ hoax and are advised not to make any such payments whatsoever.

    2. Prizes will be credited to the player’s Winnings Account. Winners may withdraw their winnings by submitting their personal details through the withdrawal screen under “My Account”. Winnings are paid by request only. Winnings of up to €10,000 are paid by e-wallet. Winnings of €1000 will require manual approval. Winnings will be paid according to game rules.

    3. The cost to set up annuities varies. Annuities’ cost is the prize amount fewer bank charges and processing fees. Estimated jackpots are based on the cash option value annuitized over 40 years. Your total prize amount may vary due to prevailing interest rates at the time the annuity is purchased.

    4. Winners will be asked to show evidence that they are eligible to take part (see Ineligible Parties) and that they are authorised to use the credit card used to purchase their winning ticket.

    5. 7StarBall will make reasonable endeavours to contact Winners via e-mail, but Winners are responsible for checking their own accounts to see if they have won a prize.

    6. Winning Monies will only be paid to accounts and or persons that meet our fraud screening requirements.


    Anti-Money Laundering (AML) Program

    and Compliance Procedures


    1. Company Policy

    1.1 It is the policy of 7StarBall N.V. (the “company”) to prohibit and actively prevent money laundering and any activity that facilitates money laundering or the funding of terrorist or criminal activities. The company strives to comply with all applicable requirements under the legislation in force in the jurisdictions in which the company operates, to prevent the use of the financial system for money laundering and terrorist financing.
    1.2 The company is licensed and regulated by Curacao eGaming to offer remote games over the internet, under the National Decree August 18, 1998, No. 14. Under the license conditions issued by Curacao, the company is required to have in place adequate measures to prevent its systems from being used for money laundering, terrorist financing or any other criminal activity.

    2. Objective of the Policy

    2.1 The company is fully committed to be constantly vigilant to prevent money laundering and combat the financing of terrorism to minimise and manage risks such as the risks to its reputational risk, legal risk and regulatory risk. It is also committed to its social duty to prevent serious crime and not to allow its systems to be abused in furtherance of these crimes.
    2.2 The company will endeavour to keep itself updated with developments both at a national and international level on any initiatives to prevent money laundering and the financing of terrorism. It commits itself to protect, at all times, the organisation and its operations and safeguards its reputation and all from the threat of money laundering, the funding of terrorist and other criminal activities.
    2.3 The company’s policies, procedures and internal controls are designed to ensure compliance with all applicable laws, rules, directives and regulations relevant to the company’s operations and will be reviewed and updated on a regular basis to ensure appropriate policies, procedures and internal controls are in place.

    3. Player Identification Program

    3.1 The company will take reasonable steps to establish the identity of any person for whom it is proposed to provide its service (hereinafter “players”). For this purpose, the process for the registration of players provided for under the General Terms and Conditions of the company provides for the due diligence process that must be carried out before the opening of a user account.
    3.2 The company will keep at all times a secure online list of all registered players and information and documents will be retained by the applicable data protection obligations.
    3.3 The company will collect certain minimum player identification information from each player who opens an account. The company will not accept to open anonymous accounts or accounts in fictitious names such that the true beneficial owner is not known. The information required will include at least:
    – Player’s date of birth (showing that the player is over eighteen (18) years of age);
    – Player’s first and last name;
    – Player’s place of residence;
    – Player’s valid email address; and
    – Player’s username and a password.
    3.4 Documents to verify the identity information received will be requested from the player if and when there is considered to be risk or uncertainty about the information provided and before any payment more than EUR 3,000 per occasion or when payments to the account are made more than EUR 3,000. These documents shall include, to the extent permitted under the relevant data protection regulations:
    A copy of a valid identity card or passport;
    Proof of address;
    3.5 The company may supplement the use of documentary evidence by using other means, which may include:
    – Independently verifying the player’s identity through the comparison of information provided by the player with information obtained from a reporting agency, public database or another source;
    – Checking references with financial institutions; or
    – Obtaining a financial statement.
    3.6 The company will inform relevant players that the company may seek identification information to verify their identity.
    3.7 Any employee of the company who becomes aware of an uncertainty in relation to the accuracy and truthfulness of the player information provided shall immediately notify the AML Compliance Person, who will review the materials and determine whether further identification is required and or so that it may be determined whether a report is to be sent to the relevant authorities.
    3.8 If a potential or existing player either refuses to provide the information described above when requested, or appears to have intentionally provided misleading information, the company will not open a new account and, after considering the risks involved, consider closing any existing account. In either case, the AML Compliance Person will be notified so that it may be determined whether a report is to be sent to the relevant authorities.
    3.9 If a player has been identified as attempting or participating in any criminal or unlawful activity, the company will take the appropriate steps to freeze the account of the player immediately.
    3.10 If any material personal information of player changes, verification documents will be requested.

    4. Continuous transaction due diligence

    4.1 The company will monitor account activity with special attention, and to the extent possible, the background and purpose of any more complex or large transactions and any transactions which are particularly likely, by their nature, to be related to money laundering or the funding of terrorism.
    4.2 Monitoring will be conducted through the following methods: Transactions will be automatically monitored and reviewed daily for all transactions above 1000 EURO along with all the details of the users making those transactions. Documents may be required at the determination of the AML Compliance Person.
    4.3 The AML Compliance Person will be responsible for this monitoring, will review any activity that the monitoring system detects, will determine whether any additional steps are required, will document when and how this monitoring is carried out, and will report suspicious activities to the relevant authorities.
    4.4 Parameters that signal possible money laundering or terrorist financing include, but are not limited to:
    – Wire transfers to/from financial secrecy havens or high-risk geographic location without an apparent reason.
    – Many small, incoming wire transfers or deposits made using checks and money orders.
    – Wire activity that is unexplained, repetitive, unusually large or shows unusual patterns or with no apparent specific purpose.
    4.5 When an employee of the company detects any activity that may be suspicious, he or she will notify the AML Compliance Person. AML Compliance Person will determine whether or not and how to investigate the matter further. This may include gathering additional information internally or from third-party sources, contacting the government, freezing the account and/or filing a report.
    4.6 The company will not accept cash or non-electronic payments from players. Funds may be received from players only by any of the following methods: credit cards, debit cards, electronic transfer, wire transfer cheques and any other method approved by the company or respective regulators.
    4.7 The company will only transfer payments of winnings or refunds back to the same route from where the funds originated, where possible.
    4.8 To the extent the company utilises a third party to process and record payments to and from player and accounts, the company will use best efforts to ensure the services provider has transaction monitoring systems in place which will allow for screening of the transactions under these provisions and by the applicable legislation. The AML Compliance Person shall be responsible for reviewing the relevant service agreement with the service provider to ensure the adequacy of the agreement.
    4.9 Records relating to the financial transactions shall be maintained by the data protection and retention requirements in the applicable jurisdiction of Curacao.

    5. Suspicious Transactions and Reporting

    The AML Compliance Person will report any suspicious transactions (including deposits and transfers) conducted or attempted by, at or through a player account involving EUR 1,000 or more of funds (either individually or in the aggregate) where the AML Compliance Person knows, suspects or has reason to suspect:
    5.1 The player is included on any list of individuals assumed associated with terrorism or on a sanctions list;
    5.2 The transaction involves funds derived from illegal activity or is intended or conducted to hide or disguise funds or assets derived from illegal activity as part of a plan to violate or evade laws or regulations or to avoid any transaction reporting requirement under law or regulation;
    5.3 The transaction has no ordinary lawful purpose or is not the sort in which the player would normally be expected to engage, and after examining the background, possible purpose of the transaction and other facts, we know of no reasonable explanation for the transaction; or
    5.4 The transaction involves the use of the company to facilitate criminal activity.

    6. Training Programs

    6.1 The company will develop ongoing employee training under the leadership of the AML Compliance Person and senior management. The training will occur on at least an annual basis. It will be based on the company’s size, its player base, and its resources and be updated as necessary to reflect any new developments in the law.
    6.2 The training will include, at a minimum:
    – how to identify red flags and signs of money laundering that arise during the employees’ duties;
    – what to do once the risk is identified (including how, when and to whom to escalate unusual player activity or other red flags for analysis;
    – what employees’ roles are in the company’s compliance efforts and how to perform them;
    – the company’s record retention policy;
    – the disciplinary consequences for non-compliance with legislation.

    These Terms and Conditions have been drafted in English. In the event of any discrepancy between the meanings of any translated versions of this Policy and the English language version, the meaning of the English language version shall prevail.

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    Version 1.1
    Dated 01/11/2017